Environmental, Social
& Governance (ESG)

In line with our purpose to "enable life sciences companies to bring impactful breakthrough therapies to market faster," we take our responsibility to society seriously.


We are committed to taking action on the issues that matter most to our business and stakeholders. At Azenta, we approach ESG issues in a holistic manner, integrating socially responsible and sustainable practices into all aspects of our business.  Our focus on sustainability guides the way we do business, benefiting the environment and society on a global scale. We are committed to taking deliberate actions to address sustainability issues, both to support the well-being of future customers, colleagues, and communities and to strengthen our business for the long term.


Our approach to corporate social responsibility is centered around three key pillars that align with our business model, strategy, and values. Our focus on Environmental Protection, Social Impact, & Responsible Operations allows us to create long-term value by providing high-quality products for our customers, creating a fulfilling work environment for our colleagues, delivering solid returns for our shareholders, making a positive impact on our communities, and reducing our environmental footprint. By prioritizing these areas, we believe we can have the most significant impact. Above all, our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen has been a hallmark of our Company and will continue to be critical to our continued success.

Environmental Protection

• As a global company, we understand the broad impact of our operations and the potential to impact the world. We are committed to evaluating ways to reduce our environmental footprint while continuing to expand our business.


• Our commitment to environmental protection extends to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner. We are making progress in this area by targeting the reduction of energy use in our facilities, developing more sustainable products, and supporting our customers in achieving their own environmental goals.


• In 2022, we introduced a centralized system to track our energy usage at all of our site locations, allowing us to establish a baseline of Scope 1 & 2 Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) Emissions from our own operations.

Social Impact

• At Azenta, we are committed to making a positive impact on society, particularly in the regions where we are located and serve our customers. We are focused on creating an environment where our employees are supported through our inclusion and diversity initiatives, training and development programs, and equitable compensation practices. This positions us well to attract and retain high-quality talent. We also make meaningful contributions to our communities through community outreach, charitable giving, and employee volunteerism programs.


• To promote employee engagement, we hold regular employee events, conduct annual employee surveys to measure the engagement and other aspects of our corporate culture and offer health and well-being programs.


• We are guided by our five core values:

Put People First

Embrace Authenticity

Cultivate Openness

Focus on the Customer

Drive Innovation

  • We put employees above all other business priorities, as success is realized through our people
  • We encourage all employees to realize their potential by focusing and investing in their growth and development
  • We strive to be our true selves at work
  • We respect inclusivity and curiosity to fuel ideation and deepen connections
  • We are transparent and work to break down silos, understanding that better work comes from seeing the big picture
  • We recognize that vulnerability fosters trust and connection
  • We strive to understand the needs of our customers - both internal and external - by putting ourselves in their shoes, and we respond quickly
  • We work to make our customers' lives easier and better, and the journey is never over
  • We are creative, empowered to take smart risks, and move with speed to deliver
  • We recognize innovation can come from any employee who challenges the status quo for better outcomes

Responsible Operations

• Our products and services enable our customers to have a significant positive impact on the world, and we are committed to ensuring the safety, quality, and reliability of our products and services. We are committed to complying with all applicable environmental, health, and safety regulations, adhering to various voluntary standards, and partnering with our customers to help them meet and exceed such expectations.


• In 2022, Azenta formed a dedicated ESG Committee of our Board of Directors, formalizing Azenta’s ongoing commitment to the oversight of our ESG practices. We believe in transparency, and we are developing various external disclosures, to provide clear and frequent information regarding our ESG performance.


• Browse our governance-related documents and policies:

View Governance Documents

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